Cabin crew reveal what passengers don't know about flying and the answers are terrifying

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Chris Sayer

How soon after sitting back at your desk in 2017 did you sigh the words, “Christ, I need a holiday”? Forty-five? Thirty? Ten, even? Well, after reading the following story, you may want to reconsider your long-haul break and keep your feet planted firmly on the earth.

A recent Reddit thread has revealed a whole host of secrets about air travel from those that know it best – cabin crew, luggage handlers, aviation journalists and more – and it’s sure as heck going to change the way you travel forever.

Interesting in places, reassuring in others, but mostly disgusting and terrifying, the results will at the very least will have you keeping your shoes laced up and your angry air steward-related rants held inside, for fear of a gassy reprisal wafting your way. Here’s our pick of the most revealing… 

Your pilot might not know where he’s headed

That new stain on your luggage isn’t what you think it is

You’re bracing for impact all wrong

Turbulence ain’t no thing, so stop worrying

Keep your shoes on oh dear god please keep your shoes on

Revenge farts exist

Your plane is probably broken...

But it can also fly with just one working engine

Cabin crew probably do hate you

Your pilot may well be unconscious 


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