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Polite bank robber gets reduced charge

"Please can I have all that money?"

Polite bank robber gets reduced charge

Now, we hate to generalise, but robbing banks tends to appeal to the less well-mannered folk out there.

Aiming a weapon at someone and demanding money that isn't yours won't come easy for people raised on pleases and thank yous. But over in Maryland, a brave soul hoped to buck the trend in a recent robbery.

Franklin Keefer II walked into a bank wearing sunglasses and a ski cap (okay, stick with us) and then calmly stated: "Can I have everybody's attention? This is a holdup," according to court documents

"Can I please have that stack of money?" he then kindly asked a teller who was counting a cash deposit. He made it out with $3,500 and probably a clear conscience. He did ask nicely after all.

Because of this 'warmth', when he made it to court, the law was kind(er) to him. Since robbery involves force or at least the threat of force, Keefer's theft was downgraded.

Okay so he still gets seven years in jail but 2 and a half years of that is suspended. So, ermmm, worth being nice then.

(Image: All Star)

[via UPI]