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Piers Morgan just tweeted out his salary and, honestly, it's completely obscene

Why is he always so grumpy?

Piers Morgan just tweeted out his salary and, honestly, it's completely obscene

Here's how much money Piers Morgan says he earns.

That's twenty two and a half million English pounds. Every year. Piers Morgan.

He has not divulged exactly where that salary comes from, so it could be just for his gig as a host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain – Ant and Dec earned £30m each from ITV last year, so this wouldn’t be out of the question – but it could also include his salary for his role as Editor-at-Large of MailOnline, and potentially other ventures too.

Either way, Piers Morgan is claiming he earns at least £22,500,000 a year. Piers. Morgan.

That’s roughly 100 times the salary the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg was revealed today to be taking home. 

Piers Morgan.

Twenty two million.

And a half. Every year.

Why was Piers driven to tweet out his supposed salary? Clearly he was in a was in a bullish mood this morning (as he seems to be every day, unfortunately), but what triggered it was the BBC revealing the salaries of their highest paid earners, as per a government order.

The announcement was scheduled to be made at 11am, but Piers first riled people up by pulling off his version of a journalistic “scoop” – breaking the embargo on the story. A number of prominent news reporters and journalists were sent the list of BBC talent salary ahead of time, but Piers decided to jump the gun, and tweeted about it at 10.08am.

With the horse well and truly bolted, Piers then took to his usual fare – telling people off for trying to tell him off for breaking the rules.

Doubling down.

And generally winding people up.

So far, so Piers Morgan. But then, Piers decided to jump on a Twitter discussion started by journalist Barbara Speed about pay transparency. The game was simple. You tweet out how much you make a year, and then people feel better/worse/confused about their pay in relation.

Piers, being the smug [REDCATED] that he is, obviously leapt at the chance to get involved. Twenty two and a half million pounds.

Twenty two and a half million. 

There’s only one thing I can say...