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This mysterious one-handed photobomber has become the early hero of festival season

Check your phone, you might be one of his victims

This mysterious one-handed photobomber has become the early hero of festival season

Something special happened at Manchester’s Parklife festival last weekend. 

Sure, performances from the likes of Fatboy Slim and Stormzy will live long in the memory of everyone who front crawled through a sea of mud to make sure they were in the crowd. And sure, the fact that headliner Frank Ocean actually fucking turned up feels like minor miracle in itself. 

But we’re not referring to any of that. No, we’re talking about what appears to be half of all Parklife attendees waking up on Monday morning – bleary-eyed and making no effort to resist tucking into the stone-cold remnants of last night’s takeaway pizza – to discover, after flicking through their camera rolls from the past two days, that they’d been photobombed by a man with his arm in his mouth. 

It all started when a film student who goes by the Twitter name @_aled uploaded the evidence, four pictures that have since been liked over 144k times. 


Turns out that the guy, who we now know to be Luke Manson from Bristol, was on a mission to get his party trick into as many photos as he could.

He only has one hand, which means he can easily fit the end of his arm in his mouth, creating a pretty damn good photobomb, you have to admit.

Not long after the first post, other people started coming forward with pictures of their own. If you were at Parklife, there’s a good chance he got to you as well.

And another one. 

And again. 

Oh and this. 

Luke, great arm-eating bloke that he is, took the time to reply to all of the people he’d managed to get a snap with.

Impressive stuff, but Luke’s not the only one making use of such an ability.

Good job. 

(Image: @_Aled)