Reddit millionaires explain how they got their riches

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Tom Victor

You’ve tried everything in the book and you’re still not rich beyond your wildest dreams – what gives?

Well, there’s some good news: you can throw away that ‘investing for dummies’ book, as the answer to all of life’s problems – as ever – can be found on Reddit.

(disclaimer: the solution to most of life’s problems cannot be found on Reddit. Often, it will just make things worse).


A fair few users of the site are millionaires (or at least claim to be) and they have been sharing their stories.

As you might expect from ‘the front page of the internet’, more than a few of them made their money in tech and/or IT.

In some cases, it was a right place/right time situation:

Of course, often you have to spend money to make money…

Occasionally it can be put down to pure dumb luck…

The key in some cases seems to be ‘start early’…

Or ‘live frugally’…

Still, if you’re nowhere near your first million, there’s always another way…

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