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McConaughey's extreme workout

McConaughey's extreme workout

McConaughey's extreme workout

Happy with your 40-minute run? Pah, that’s child’s play. Train like a man. Train like the Killer Joe star…

1. McConaughey tries to run for an hour per day, regardless of where he is or what film he’s shooting (“Hyde Park is just the coolest park to run in”). He likes to “run ’til I’m fatigued and drippin’ sweat”. He does a total of 200 press-ups during the run – dropping down to the ground whenever he feels like it for a burst of 20 or 30, wide hands first, then switching to close-hand to work the triceps.

2. McConaughey is also partial to hiking. He’s walked across the Andes, through the Costa Rican jungle, into the caves of Brazil, villages of Mali and deep into the Peruvian rainforest. Generally, he prefers the outdoors to the gym. “When it’s raining or you can’t get out, shadow-box for 20 minutes. Go hard and I guarantee you’ll drip a sweat, man.”

3. For cardio, he also swears by dancing. “That was the original workout, long before gyms were around,” he says. “Get in a good night of music and dancing, you don’t have to go running in the morning. And there ain’t no right or wrong way to do it.”

4. When it comes to weights, McConaughey’s exercise regime is as follows: shoulder presses, chest presses, bent-over rows, overhead triceps extensions, biceps curls. “Add in hamstring, groin and back stretches after that, and you’re good.” One of his favourite exercises is picking up a dumbbell, kettle-weight or rock, and holding it for 15 minutes. He shifts it from high above his head, down to one arm, then the other, resting it on his shoulder… As many positions as he can manage without having to put it down on the ground.

5. When he’s at his Malibu home, McConaughey sometimes improvises a workout without much equipment. He’ll do pull-ups on a tree or his kids’ swing, sprints in his backyard, circuits of squats, lunges and press-ups, then cools down by taking his road bike out for a few miles. He shares a personal trainer with Lance Armstrong and has been known to ride with the seven-time Tour De France winner. “You quickly learn what the back of Lance’s jersey looks like,” he says.

(Image: Rex Features)