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A real-life Mario Kart track is coming and yes, it looks amazing

It's BYOB (bring your own bananas)

A real-life Mario Kart track is coming and yes, it looks amazing
Tom Victor
17 August 2017

Real-life versions of classic games can sometimes be a pale imitation of what attracted you to them in the first place.

FIFA is great, but actually playing football’s just exhausting. Similarly, Call of Duty is a right lark but actual war’s shite. Crash Bandicoot: Fun. Actually going to Australia: Terrible.

There’s always an exception to prove the rule, however, and Mario Kart might be just that.

Construction has finished on the Niagara Speedway in Ontario, Canada, a multi-storey karting track which resembles the game so closely it feels like you’re in it.

There’s no word yet on whether those who buy a ticket will be given free banana skins and thunderbolts with their entry, however there are Mario Kart-style ramps, twists and turns, and spirals which are more rollercoaster than kart track.

Director of marketing Joel Noden is quoted by CBC calling it “a go kart track on steroids” and “the only one of its kind”.

Niagara Speedway is inspired by Branson Tracks’ ‘Heavy Metal High Rise’ in Missouri, another Mario Kart-style attraction.

It is due to open in spring 2018, following a period of testing, and in addition to the track itself it will have attractions including a 6D Zombie game and an amusement arcade including – you guessed it – a Mario Kart arcade game.

(Images: Branson Tracks/Nintendo)