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Man suffers heart attack at the 'Heart Attack Grill'

Gains sympathy from no-one

Man suffers heart attack at the 'Heart Attack Grill'

Knowing when to stop eating is a tough skill to learn. After today's lunch and the ensuing selection of snacks, we can safely assume that we're still figuring it out.

But we'd like to think that we know a little bit more about moderation than this guy. Visiting the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, he was chowing down on a Triple Bypass Burger when the obvious happened. He actually had a heart attack.

It's no massive surprise since the meal contains around 8,000 calories and would send even the sturdiest of hearts into a buttery quiver. Wheeled out by paramedics, the fortysomething man was sent straight to hospital and probably right onto a strict diet.

The controversial eaterie allows anyone who weights over 350lbs to eat for free. There's your warning sign right there. The meal in question consists of a burger (including four half-pound patties, cheese and bacon), a butterfat shake (which has the world's highest butterfat content) and flatliner fries, deep-fried in pure lard. All in all, it's the equivalent of 5 days worth of food. One burger will set you back around $11.

Just in case you want to feel better about your lunch then you can see the video of him being wheeled out below:

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