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Man starts police chase for the fun of it

Living the dream

Man starts police chase for the fun of it

Aside from all of the obvious stuff (winning the lottery, skimming the perfect stone), we all have that one specific dream that we're desperate to come true.

So, spare a thought for poor John Hughes. No, not that one.

The Montana resident's ultimate ambition was to be in a police chase. Like us, he'd probably watched far too many episodes of America's Wildest Police Chases and thought to himself, "I could do that". So, he went and did it.

But how does one begin a police chase, without actually committing a crime in the first place? Well he started by following a patrol car for seven blocks. He then performed a dramatic u-turn and sped off at 70 mph. Once the chase was in full swing, he cranked up the action by speeding up to 100 mph on the interstate.

Before he knew it, a spike strip had been laid out to flatten his tires and the dream was dead.

When asked why he did it, he responded with "I just always wanted to do that," according to the police report. Fair enough.

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(Image: Rex Features)