Man Saves Hostage Being Held At Gunpoint – Doesn’t Realise He’s On A Film Set…


We’d all like to think that should someone be in distress and we happened to be walking by, we would leap to their rescue. When we tell the news crew what happened, all of Britain would see us as a hero and we’d recall it like a scene from a film. Short of the cape, we’d basically be Batman.

We’d probably hesitate if there were guns involved though, even if it were just for a second (everyone knows Batman doesn’t like guns).

But this guy didn’t. Seeing a woman being held at gunpoint in hostage situation, he takes down the assailant in one fell swoop. Only the scene was actually one from a film, and a crew suddenly appears flapping their arms wildly at our hero. 

Thankfully he avoided a Christian Bale-esque outburst at his interruption.

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