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Man gets caught for creating Hitman website must have been taken

Man gets caught for creating Hitman website

We imagine there are plenty of reasons why being a hitman is tough. Unsociable hours, extreme violence, conscience issues and the overwhelming problem with how the hell to get clients.

Despite our seemingly forward-thinking culture, it's still not deemed acceptable to put an ad up on Craigslist. It's political correctness gone mad!

Taking a brave stance, Las Vegas resident Essam Ahmed Eid created a website called, where he promised professional killers for anyone requiring the service. Despite the catchy title, business was slow so Eid hatched a scheme where he would approach people and claim that he'd been offered money to kill them but would spare their lives for a smaller amount.

Unsurprisingly, his victims went straight to the authorities and he was finally caught in Ireland. He was convicted for extortion and burglary and sentenced to six years. Authorities claimed that Eid wasn't just using the site for extortion as he had been making poisonous ricin powder in his garage.

Back to the drawing board wannabe hitmen...

[via UPI]

(Image: Rex Features)