Man finds a creepy old letter under his floorboards, tracks down author on Twitter


It’s the stuff of nightmares: you’re pottering about your bedroom when you find a strange, hidden letter left by a previous occupant from long ago.

Does it hint at a blood pact made before cursing the room for all eternity? Is it scribbled by the five-year-old boy who died in a mysterious fire and who claims he’s coming back for you? Or is it that bloody troublemaker Darren Lucas joking about?

Thankfully for Manchester-based Alex Moss, who found a secret note while replacing his bedroom floor recently, it was the latter. Dating back to 2001, and written with largely good humour, there was still something hugely unsettling about it all.

Over a decade before, it appears Darren was doing some decorating himself, possibly involving drilling some surveillance equipment into the walls, and finishes the letter with the chilling phrase, “Remember that I will always be watching you."

Clearly aware how creepy it may have come across in the future, Darren then resorts back to his matey tone, signing off with “L8RS” – truly a phrase of its time – followed by his full name. Which saw Moss then take to Twitter with the hashtag #finddarrenlucas.

Then something amazing happened: he found him, with Lucas getting in touch to confirm the name of the address, promising he wasn't really watching.

Giving Lucas a chance to reminisce about his former home, the conversation got a bit insular as Moss boasted about the shower and asked if Lucas would want a picture of the room. Unless, you know, that was a bit weird.

But no, he was good with the memories he had. Still, what a story and how about the power of social media?

That said, if we had Twitter back in 2001, who knows if Lucas would have had time to bother picking up a pen and paper? Food for thought.

[Via: Mashable]