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17 golden Louis Theroux quotes to use in your everyday life

There's a Louis quote for everything

17 golden Louis Theroux quotes to use in your everyday life

Louis Theroux is a national treasure - and we can all thank the TV gods for putting him back on our screens again this autumn.

His hard-hitting documentary about heroin abuse in the US was so affecting that it had fans calling for him to be knighted, and was a continuation of Louis’ transition towards much more serious documentaries, very different from the bizarre and whimsical topics he used to explore in his earlier days of film-making.

While Louis is still fascinating when exploring the likes of drug use and alcoholism, I do sometimes miss his turns as an amateur gangsta rapper and his forays into the world of porn - not least because they provided us with some excellent quotes, that are even funnier when taken out of context.

There’s a Louis quote for every occasion - you just have to use it right…

  1. 1.What you think whenever there's a screaming baby on the bus

  2. 2.Explaining why you're choosing Netflix and pizza over a big weekend sesh

  3. 3.When your parents visited you back in your uni days

  4. 4.When you meet literally any Arsenal fan

  5. 5.When you're on a big one and someone asks where Tom's gone

  6. 6.Before you all just give up on him completely

  7. 7.When your mate tags you in yet another bizarre Facebook meme

  8. 8.Attempting to flirt, part I

  9. 9.Attempting to flirt, part II

  10. 10.The moment that comes roughly three pints into a night down the pub, and you feel like the very best version of yourself

  11. 11.And when you wake up, hungover, 10 minutes before you're supposed to start work

  12. 12.When the one person you know at the house party asks why you've been hiding in the toilets for the past 25 minutes

  13. 13.When it's curry night

  14. 14.On any dancefloor of a really bad nightclub you've been dragged to against your will

  15. 15.When you - a grown man who is a afraid of children - meet your mate's brand new baby

  16. 16.When you use your girlfriend's shower gel, which you've always thought smells much nicer

  17. 17.And when you get one of those existential hangovers - the ones no amount of Nurofen will shake