This radio presenter is saying what we're all thinking about Brexiteers


There's been so much arguing and mud-slinging going on since the historic referendum result back in June that sometimes you need someone who can calmly and methodically pick through the nonsense to shine a light on exactly what is going on in this country.

In order to understand how to move the country forward from the vote to leave the EU, we need to understand why people voted as they did, and LBC radio presenter James O'Brien spoke to a Leave voter to try and fully ascertain the reasons why he voted as he did.

The seven minute discussion is as illuminating as it is depressing, as the perfectly amiable chap on the other end of the line - a self-employed electrician - at first begins to justify the almost-certain economic pain that Brexit is bringing in terms of being free from the bind of EU laws - before being unable to name a single EU law that he is looking forward to not having to obey.

With O'Brien doing little more than gentle probing, it soon becomes clear that there is essentially no reason why he voted as he did. The question is, how many more millions of people like this are out there?

Watch the discussion and see what you think.