These painfully honest election posters are so much better than the real thing

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Dave Fawbert

“Take Back Control”

“Make America Great Again”

“Better together”

If there’s one thing that recent votes have taught us, it’s to forget policies and get yourselves a simple slogan that you just repeat. Over, and over and over and over and over again. Until you can’t take stop back thinking control about make make america it great and again it better fills together your brain.

The Tories have already come out of the blocks with ‘Strong and Stable’, which Theresa May has already said about 500 times already, but the other parties are yet to reveal their hand.

But worry not, campaign HQs, because we’ve got you covered. Take your pick from these – you can thank us later.

(All images: Gary Ogden)

"McDonnell: I'm Lovin' It"

"Conservatives: Make America Great Again, Because Every Other Country Hates Us"

"Liberal Democrats: Stuck in the Middle with EU"

"Labour: Impossible is Nothing (apart from winning this election)"

"Tories: We're Not Building Any More Houses And Your Rent's Going Up"

"UKIP: The comments under internet videos are our official policies"

"Scottish National Party: We'll deep fry anything"

"Green Party: Powered by LucasAid"

"Labour: Just Do It (After I've Finished At The Allotment)"

"Conservatives: No More Immigrants"

"Tories: Every Little Helps"