Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account was hacked last night and it was hilarious


"Davey Cameron is a pie.”

We’re not sure how well this insult would go down if Jeremy Corbyn ever used it on his Right Honourable gentleman in the Commons, but it did go down a storm on the Labour Leader’s Twitter account last night.

Admittedly part of a hack on his account (he really should have changed that KarlMarx123 password), the culprits left a number of odd and sweary comments to his 384,000 followers, which were deleted swiftly after.

But not before the user lampooned Corbyn's pacifist stance with the not so subtle message, 'F*ck Trident'.

Despite Corbyn’s embarrassment, it’s David Cameron who we really feel sorry for – having been trolled live on the Andrew Marr Show by band Squeeze a few hours before, those offending Tweets must really have been a pie in the face.

If this waggish way of speaking actually were how politics were conducted, we’d be glued to the Parliament channel 24/7.