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James Blunt strikes internet gold again with new TV advert

He knows what he's doing doesn't he?

James Blunt strikes internet gold again with new TV advert

It’s no exaggeration to say that few men in recent times have managed to U-turn their public perception quite so successfully as James Blunt.

As his saccharine hit You’re Beautiful clogged up the charts and the radio back in 2004, he was – without exaggeration – one of the most hated men in Britain. Cue the advent of Twitter, a whole host of hilarious replies and comebacks in which he owned his own uncoolness and position as a hate figure, and slowly but surely gained everyone’s respect. He recently told us: “My record label started it up and asked if I could promote my music. I thought, ‘That sounds really boring.’ So I decided I’d just abuse myself on it.”

And the Bluntmeister general is back at it again with this new TV advert for his new album The Afterlove, which features – what album doesn’t these days? – a co-write with Ed Sheeran, the man who has taken his crown as the easy target for people looking to slag someone off for being a bit boring yet stratospherically successful.

To explain it would be to ruin it, so here it is:


While we’re here, another chance to remind you all that – no matter what you think about him, 1973 remains an undisputed, all-time, absolute banger of a tune.