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Is this the world's most jealous brother?

Eli Manning's reaction to Peyton's success is amazing

Is this the world's most jealous brother?

"We hate it when our friends become successful" sang Morrissey in 1992 in his most cynical song title (and that's saying something). But there's an element of truth to old Mozz's statement, even when it extends to our family. We all want them to do well - just as long as they don't do better than us.

And nothing has ever encapsulated that deep-held view than this utterly glorious clip of two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning at yesterday's Super Bowl.

For those not in the know (ie. anyone outside of America), Eli's older brother Peyton is also a Footballer - they both play in the crucial quarterback position - and yesterday Peyton won the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos, which meant that he equalled his younger brother's record of two triumphs.

As Payton's team scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter to go 12 points up and effectively seal the game, the camera cut to the Manning family box, to showcase their jubilation at another triumph for their clan. But not everyone was too happy.

Within the space of about four seconds you can see the full gamut of emotions: fear, shock, acceptance, resentment, anger and downright, unmitigated jealousy at the one thing he held over his brother (who holds significantly better career statistics than Eli) being taken away from him.

Some (less cynical) observers have suggested that, as the touchdown was subject to a review and the game itself was not over, he was merely not getting carried away too early, but we just don't buy it. We've seen that look before when we got the best present at Christmas, and it's not pretty.

What will his reaction be if Peyton ever overtakes him? We dread to think.