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How to survive a shark attack

You're gonna need a bigger brain

How to survive a shark attack

All-round adventurer Bear Grylls imparts some life-saving advice when it comes to meeting a shark when in the ocean.

“Most shark attacks are cases of mistaken identity where they think you are its usual prey. Be alert, you should get some warning before they attack you as they’ll start to circle you.”

“Do not start flailing around and panicking because that’s an indication you’re scared and therefore its prey. Swim steadily for shore with nice steady, strong strokes. If it carries on circling you should make some aggressive shouts underwater.”

“Often that will be enough to scare it off but if it does go in for the kill then you need to go for the vulnerable parts of them: gills, eyes, nose. Those are the bits you need to be striking, reaching and prodding. It’s your life against theirs.”

“And even after taking a bite the shark could realise that you’re not its usual taste and leave you alone. The most important part is making sure they know you’re not prey.”

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(Image: Allstar)

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