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How to make the perfect club sandwich

Five steps to food heaven...

How to make the perfect club sandwich
Danielle de Wolfe
24 November 2010

Executive chef at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen ( Andrew Parkinson recalls his days of room-service at Gleneagles to build the perfect club sandwich.

A) “Use a classic thick-cut white bread. Toast it well. If it’s too lightly done, it’ll be floppy. Butter all three slices.”

B) “Roughly cut some lettuce, spoon in some mayonnaise, and mix it up as gooey as you like. It’s better to pre-mix than trying to spread the mayonnaise on the already buttered bread.”

C) “In the restaurant, we’d bake and chill the chicken, but after a roast on a Sunday, you’ll have nice leftovers to slice up for your bottom layer.” For the top deck of the sandwich, use freshly fried bacon: “I’d go for smoked back bacon for extra flavour. Sliced tomatoes above are optional.”

D) “I’d never put mustard on it, even though American recipes tend to sweeten with honey mustard.“

E) “Put your ‘lid’ on and squash the sandwich down firmly. Poke four cocktail sticks in the quarters, cut the sandwich diagonally both ways, and there you have it: the perfect club sandwich.”

Pictures: Rex Features