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How not to get pickpocketed

Put them out of business

How not to get pickpocketed

Money. You could’ve invented the phrase ‘easy come, easy go’ for it. In fact, someone probably did. But illusionist Simon Drake, a consultant for Hustle (Season 6 is out on DVD now, courtesy of Warner Home Video), can help us hang on to it for longer.

“There are two types of pickpocket,” says Drake, “the solo opportunist and the small gang. You’re most likely to encounter the latter. They hang around where money’s spent and taken out and like crowds, so be aware and put cash away quickly. They’re looking for where you put it.”

We’ve become desensitised to people bumping into us, but Drake says we should be constantly alert. “Thieves look for misdirection,” he advises. “One will knock into you or ask you the time or even use a baby as a distraction, while another takes your money. Treat everyone with suspicion.

“Never keep a wallet in an outside or back pocket,” he continues. “The best place is a zipped inside pocket or your front pocket. I’d recommend not having a wallet — you only need cash and cards and thieves won’t try to steal them.”

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