Helen Hunt just had a hilarious case of mistaken identity and Starbucks responded brilliantly


It's bad enough being a normal person when a Starbucks barista gets your name wrong on your drink, never mind when you're world famous actress, Helen Hunt, winner of four golden globes and one Oscar.

An actress whom, by all definitions is a pretty big deal and shouldn't really need to worry about things as trivial as Starbucks etiquette...

Though we're fairly sure it's not the first time she's been - ahem - accused of looking like fellow Oscar-winner Jodie Foster, the sheer fact of the wink makes this possibly one of the most awkward Starbucks incorrect names stories we've heard. But Starbucks, being the media-savvy corporate giants they are, responded in wonderful fashion, apologising with this zinger:

Prompt customer service. Swift apologies. A nice refreshing beverage. That's what women want.