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Someone pranked Harry Redknapp after he fell asleep on a flight and it's absolute gold

OK yeah, this is funny

Someone pranked Harry Redknapp after he fell asleep on a flight and it's absolute gold

Harry “’Arry” Redknapp is – it’s fair to say – a generally quite ridiculous bloke who we all can’t help but hold a little soft spot in our hearts for.

It’s criminal that Steve McLaren, Roy Hodgson, Sam Allardyce and Gareth Southgate have all had a crack at the England job before Our ‘Arry, a man who – if Sky Sports had their way – would be hanging perpetually from the window of his car, talking about how he’s closing in on a deal for Croatian midfielder Niko Kranjcar.

He isn’t though, because despite every piece of tangible evidence available, Harry Redknapp is a real human being. Sometimes he takes other modes of transport, like the aeroplane he took from Manchester back to Southampton after Michael Carrick’s testimonial at the weekend.

He’d be a decent bloke to sit next to on a flight I reckon, Harry, he’d probably humour your shit football questions for a while at least, before falling asleep and blocking your route to the toilets for the next two hours.

One football fan found himself in pretty much that exact position the other day, sat next to a sleeping ‘Arry on a plane, and he decided to have some fun with it. 

OK yeah, this is good. This is funny. This is what I believe they call “great banter”.

The prank was called by a man known only as “Ben”, and put on Twitter by his mate Craig Howson. It’s already been retweeted more than 6,800 times since yesterday evening – that a lot of people having a laugh at the gaffer’s expense.

Ben’s got a pretty good excuse for when Harry wakes up and finds the note too.