Gun-loving American says that Britain has a terrorist attack every hour - the replies are amazing

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Dave Fawbert
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We’re not gonna lie, 2017 has been a tough year for the UK, with four major, and one minor, terrorist incidents occurring since March, with 37 fatalities in total.

However, as tragic as these events were, the death toll pales into insignificance when compared to America, which has seen a staggering 1,719 deaths from gun violence this year, with the most deadly mass shooting in modern American history taking place on Sunday in Las Vegas, with 58 victims.

Us Brits look on with bafflement at the American obsession with guns and their steadfast refusal to even contemplate altering the second amendment (despite the fact that loads of other amendments have been made throughout the country’s history), but one angry American decided to fire back (thankfully, not literally) via Twitter.

Unusually, for Twitter, this observation led not to a volley of abuse back in his direction but, instead, because we’re British, a lot of very excellent comebacks.


(Very good Mandy)

While @man_in_radiator (you might want to consider calling a plumber mate) stuck to his, erm, guns, he did manage quite a good reply of his own.

Gotta dash, need to make my next terrorist appointment…

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