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Graduates sell ad space on their faces

Your ad goes here, next to my nose

Graduates sell ad space on their faces
05 March 2012

Going to university can be a great thing. All those mental nights out, those friends you keep for life/a few years and all that damn knowledge. But leaving university can be tough.

Mainly because of all that debt. You spend the next 10 years of your life paying off all those pints of snakebite while trying to hold down that job you never really imagined yourself having.

Hoping to find a way out of their pit of self-imposed financial despair, two 22-year-old Cambridge graduates decided to use their faces to sell ad space. Ross Harper and Ed Moyse have managed to make more than £25,000 ($39,520) since October by offering up their faces to prospective clients.

Their business Buy My Face has sparked interest from students worldwide who are also keen to avoid the inevitable tide of debt that follows graduation. As well as the £400 ($632) a day charge for advertising on a face, the pair have also been sent skydiving and skiing by clients.

As well as smaller firms utilising the offbeat concept, they've also been working with Ernst & Young, who are now the site's official sponsor.

If you want to find out more information/beg them to let your face get painted then click here.