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Girl submits assignment while drunk, fails wonderfully

Well at least she tried

Girl submits assignment while drunk, fails wonderfully

It is the first law of work that the time required to complete it will extend to fill the time available.

But what if you've gone past that? Because you forgot about it and you'd already gone out on a big one, got drunk and then realised it's supposed to be in the next day?

This familiar scenario happened to student McKenna Clark, who checked her emails after the night before to find that she'd made an 'attempt' at completing her assignment, and sent it to her professor. Complete with a 'love you' sign off.

Shared to Twitter, it has, unsurprisingly, gone viral:

And if you were in any doubt as to what she'd been up to the night she completed her stunning piece of work, her friend Kaylee Krueger is here to help.

She is yet to reveal what grade she received for the work, but she's probably not holding out too much hope.

However, at least one person was impressed:

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