Five Steps For Cocktail Supremacy


Certain skills earn instant points for cool. Arguably top of the list is knowing how to make a mean cocktail.

If you fancy becoming a cocktail king, you’re in luck. We spoke with JJ Goodman, owner of London Cocktail Club and chairman of Gentleman Jack’s Order Of Gentlemen, for the five golden rules of cocktail-making. And remember: when it comes to creating a cocktail, double mellowed Gentleman Jack proves that it’s not only excellent when served neat, but also incredibly versatile when mixing with others, proving the perfect complement to any occasion.


Hit The Sweet Spot

“Honey and maple are great alternatives to caster sugar, making for a really sweet cocktail. Just stay away from anything too rich - acacia is perfect for a light sweetness. Lavender also tends to work. The truth is in the colour, clear is good.”


Get the right glass

“Presentation is important so invest in some nice glassware. Get a few heavy, low tumblers but then get some taller ones so there’s a contrast of styles with styles. Riedel do a few that are well worth the money, but you’ll always find a bargain on Ebay.”


Give Life Lemons

“As for a sour drink - use quality lemons for the job. Soften by rolling them before you press to release more of their flavour.”


Break The Ice

“You’ll need a lot, so make sure you have plenty in the freezer. The biggest rookie mistake is often not having enough.”


Raise Some Spirits

"Spirits add more to a drink than just alcohol. For a dry finish as well as a subtle flavour that adds to the finish, make sure you buy quality."


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A gentleman never loses control. Please drink responsibly.

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