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Finally, the scone pronunciation debate has been settled

Which one is it?

Finally, the scone pronunciation debate has been settled

We like to think we focus on the important things at Really tackle the weighty issues, those that really affect your day-to-day life.

And, just days after revealing whether tapping the top of a coke can really does stop it fizzing over, we've got a new one for you: what is the correct way to say scone?

It's been the subject of fierce debate for many years - should it be pronounced similarly to 'gone', or similarly to 'cone'?

Well, the public have spoken, via a survey being conducted by Barclays - and more than half vowed that the popular cake should be pronounced to rhyme with 'gone'.

Meanwhile a series of other matters of Englishness were also settled:

The perfect cuppa is in a mug with milk and two sugars

Eight in ten people believe that tea should be poured before adding milk, while a builder's tea in a mug with milk and two sugars is the perfect way to brew. We're sure Lionel agrees with you.

Carrot cake is the most popular snack in a traditional high tea

Second and third were Victoria sponge and chocolate cake respectively.

Sandwich triangles should have the crusts left on

More than half favoured this approach. Quite right too.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese is the number one filling on buttered, white bread

The number one dunking biscuit is the chocolate digestive

Followed by the plain digestive and the rich tea.