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Ed Sheeran has inadvertently revived everyone's favourite hashtag

First it was Susan Boyle, now it's Ed's turn

Ed Sheeran has inadvertently revived everyone's favourite hashtag
15 March 2017

Yeah, we know, we know – you’re sick to the back teeth of reading the words ‘Ed Sheeran’ any time you so much as glance in the direction of a computer/smartphone/TV/magazine, but bear with us because this is actually pretty good.

You probably aren’t sad enough to have a favourite Twitter hashtag, but if you were we’d be willing to put a fiver on it being 2012’s unforgettable #susanalbumparty.

Thankfully, #susanalbumparty was an oversight by Susan Boyle’s PR team when promoting her new album, as opposed to a reference to some sort of sordid Britain’s Got Talent orgy – which, if it existed, would no doubt have Simon Cowell acting as a sort of circus ringleader, with Louis Walsh following him around, frantically mopping up.

That was five years ago, but it turns out the fun’s not over yet, only this time it’s red-headed, record-smashing guitar warbler Ed Sheeran who’s serving as the ‘butt’ of the joke.

That’s right, it’s #Sheeranalbumparty, or Sheer. Anal. Bum. Party… if you like to break it down, as we very much do.

The hashtag was started by Radio 1 DJ Greg James and is currently trending on Twitter.

Sheeran stares wistfully out of a high-rise window - perhaps mentally planning his party

In what we imagine is probably best described as ‘classic Ed Sheeran fan fashion’, many of the singer’s admirers are a tad slow on the uptake.

Whether or not mister Sheeran will actually be hosting an anal bum party, or even an album party is open to speculation, but either way and for better or worse, he didn’t send us an invite.

[Image: Rex Features]