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Watch Donald Trump meet Saint & Greavsie to do the Rumbelows Cup draw in 1992

Did this really happen?

Watch Donald Trump meet Saint & Greavsie to do the Rumbelows Cup draw in 1992

Sometimes, two worlds collide in such a way that you just can't imagine how it ever came to pass.

But, back in 1992, this happened: Donald Trump, now Presidential candidate Donald Trump, conducted the draw for the 1992 Rumbelows Cup quarter-final with Saint and Greavsie.

Younger readers will find at least three-quarters of that sentence mystifying.

To explain: the Rumbelows Cup was the old name of the League Cup, during the glory days when it was still a hugely important cup competition. And Saint and Greavsie? Well, they - Ian St John and Jimmy Greaves - were the foremost football TV presenters of the age, both legendary former players and a formidable double act, with Saint usually to be found doubling up in laughter after Greavsie had made yet another epic gag.

This unlikely turn of events seemingly came when the duo were in the States ahead of the 1994 World Cup.

Broadcaster Jim Rosenthal, who was with them, revealed that he initially tried to get a movie star to conduct the draw instead.

"I said I’ve got a number for Robert De Niro, I’ll try him," he recalled. “And they came back. ‘Bobby would love to do that for you but he’s otherwise engaged’. So we looked up, Trump Tower, let’s try Donald Trump."

They then got the thumbs up and proceeded to make the draw in Trump's conference suite in Trump Tower, which overlooks Central Park in New York.

And how did it go? 

Greavsie drew the home teams, Trump the away - with Leeds United against their arch rivals Manchester United, the pick of the draw.

He also claimed that he "used to play" football and - unsurprisingly, given his well-documented respect and knowledge of the opposite sex - demonstrated his knowledge of the game by pointing out that the US women's team had won the inaugural World Cup in 1991.

The peak of the whole thing though? Undoubtedly Greavsie presenting Trump with a Saint and Greavsie mug, which reveals his famous catchphrase 'It's a funny old game' when hot drink is poured into it.

And that mug could be in the White House on November 9th. It's a funny old world eh?