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Donald Trump’s big AP interview was literally and repeatedly unintelligible

If they can't hear what you said, they can't pull you up on it

Donald Trump’s big AP interview was literally and repeatedly unintelligible
Tom Victor
24 April 2017

Given the heat President Trump has taken for approximately 100% of the things he has said since taking office, there are arguably worse approaches than making sure no one has a clue what he is saying.

Of course, it would probably be preferable for him to, y’know, use words and sentences like a normal person. But indecipherable mumbling might well be a close second, and that tells its own story.

The president gave an interview with Associated Press’ White House correspondent Julie Pace, the results of which were published word-for-word. Well. Almost word-for word.

AP’s write-up contains precisely 16 instances of the distinction ‘unintelligible’, as well as multiple uses of ellipses where the commander-in-chief essentially trailed off before completing a cogent thought.

On one hand, we’ve probably all been there. On the other, none of us are or ever have been President of the United States of America (do let us know if you’re reading though, Barack).

Here’s a small selection, because we’re keen for you to all be at as much of a loss as us:

  • “He had to sign the ultimate (unintelligible) ... He had to sign the ultimate, you know.”
  • “You're providing health. This is (unintelligible).”
  • “Here's part of your story, it's going to be a big (unintelligible). Everybody's saying, "Oh, he's delaying." I'm not delaying anything. I'll tell you the other thing is (unintelligible).”

In Trump’s defence – and we’re using that term very generously – perhaps he is just living up to that Peter Drucker quote he loves so much that he tweeted it on two separate occasions:

Or maybe it’s not hearing what is said. It’s hard to keep track sometimes.

(Images: Rex)