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Donald Trump is scared of coasters

Not rollercoasters, drink coasters

Donald Trump is scared of coasters

There are a lot of things Donald Trump loves: golf, money, deporting people – he’s got loads of hobbies. You know what he hates, though? Coasters. Fucking despises them. Awful things. Sad!

Not rollercoasters, either – it’s kind of legit to be scared of rollercoasters – they’re fast and you go upside down and shit. But no, President Donald Trump isn’t scared of rollercoasters, he’s scared of actual coasters. Like, drinks coasters. Things you put your drink on.

Want proof? Of course you do. You can’t just make up some bizarre claim without backing it up with solid facts, can you? No one does that. Well here’s a video:

Weird, isn’t it? He definitely hates them. Why, though? It’s so weird. The phenomenon was discovered by Ali Segel on Twitter, and her followers have a few theories:

All interesting theories, but the only one we’re really buying is this one right here:

That’s the one.

[Image: Rex]