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People are loving David Dimbleby kicking a man off 'Question Time' for being too rowdy

Rock 'n' roll politics

People are loving David Dimbleby kicking a man off 'Question Time' for being too rowdy

Everyone gets booted out of establishments, it’s a rite of passage.

You back chat the referee during a game at Sunday League and get sent for an early shower. You have one too many tequilas and your mates bundle you into a cab.

You… enjoy the political discourse too much and David Dimbleby tells you to sling your hook on Question Time?

Yes. Apparently the recent heatwave got to one audience member's head on QT last night, and he had to be ejected from the show.

The gentleman, a self identified Corbyn supporter (and wearing an absolute rascal polka dot shirt), caused a stir after his repeated heckling of a Tory minister. He ranted: "Jeremy Corbyn has proven that anti-austerity policies are popular! The Tories and the Blairites lost that election."

But as Justice Secretary David Lidington tried to defend the struggling Tory government, the gentleman (who we'll refer to as 'Rascal Shirt') kept butting in, speaking over the panellists and shouting for the rich and corporations to be taxed more heavily.

That was strike one, prompting a warning to Rascal Shirt from Dimbleby, but the man was fired up, calling for corporation tax to be increased during a flustered explainer from Lindington on the social care crisis. Needless to say, the justice secretary was not pleased.

Strike two.

Things calmed for a moment as pro-Remain campaigner Gina Miller moved the conversation on to the complications of Theresa May’s hung parliament, but Rascal Shirt couldn’t help himself, offering a final “She’s a zombie Prime Minister!” to the crowd.

Strike three. You’re out. 

Enter Dimbleby.

“Listen, I think you ought to leave.”

And leave Rascal Shirt did, packing up his bag before security grabbed him, the man who dragged him out getting a round of applause from a clearly fed up crowd.

The Twitter audience were absolutely loving it, though.

Politics in 2017.

Images via BBC