Danny Dyer paid tribute to his mum and dad's sex life at the National TV Awards

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Nick Pope

Danny Dyer has a lot of people to thank for his rise to cult status: former mentor Harold Pinter; his baying Twitter faithful; his high-powered alien mates who are clearly looking out for him from above.

But it turns out Danny is most grateful to his parents – and their vibrant sex-life.

Yesterday, Canning Town’s favourite trouper stepped up on stage at the National Television Awards to receive the gong for Best Serial Drama Performance, and paid tribute to his mum and dad’s bedroom antics.

When his name was announced, Dyer displayed the kind of cool that kept his pantaloons pee-free when travelling around the country meeting hard bald blokes in Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men.

But the cockney overlord was a lot more animated when he arrived at the podium.

After thanking his wife Joanne, daughter Danni (yep) and the assorted “mobs” scattered around the room, he pointed to the crowd, saying: “I want to thank my mum and dad in 1977 for having a roll about and conceiving me”

And that’s a notion we can all subscribe to. So thank you, elder Dyers. That proper nawty night will go down in legend.