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Dad catches baseball while holding daughter

Some men are just born heroes

Dad catches baseball while holding daughter

You know how it is when you take a little one to their first major sporting event. You get there early, load them up on fizzy pop and gummy bears (or whatever it is pre-school infants chow down upon these days) and then when the game starts all they’re interested in is going to the toilet.

This would seem to be the case for the poor unfortunate dad in the clip below. At the bottom of the fifth innings in baseball (ok, we’re guessing the juncture of the game), his daughter needs ‘to go wee-wee’.

And then it happens. As he makes his way to the aisle, a slugger hits the ball in his direction; he could catch the ball and be a hero. But wait, he’s holding his daughter with one arm. What to do?

Easy, carry on walking, hold onto your daughter and casually take the catch as if it was no big thing. Take a bow, son, take a bow.

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