Cricketer Hits Seagull


Ducks are fairly common in cricket; less so seagulls.

But one unlucky bird got an unpleasant surprise as it was casually flying around Sussex's ground in Hove, during a T20 Blast match against Middlesex.

The visitors' batsman Ryan Higgins smashed a shot which would have gone for six had it not struck the unfortunate seagull, who dropped to the ground before limping away from the pitch. They ended up running just two, losing four runs due to the bird's intervention. Sussex went on to win comfortably by six wickets.

YouTube commenter David Wilding reported that, "I was at the game - the poor bird staggered to the boundary squawking, until a spectator caught it and took it out...don't know if it survived. Someone in the crowd did shout that 3 hours at gas mark 4 was good for seagulls though...."

Let's hope he lived to fly another day.