Classic Novels As Colours


If you had to pick a colour to describe the book The Road, you'd probably pick black or grey, right? But what about orange, yellow or even white?

Clever artist Jaz Parkinson has designed these brilliant book covers of classic novels all based on the colours mentioned in each of the stories.

Jaz has called this her colour signatures collection and describes them as "graphs of all the visual content in the books." Essentially when any colour in the book is mentioned she makes a note of it. Once each hue has been accounted for she then orders it in a spectrum and creates a cover.

"For example when it might say ‘yellow brick road,’ ‘yellow’ gets a tally," says Jaz, "or when for example in The Road it says ‘dark ash covered everything’ (not an actual quote), that image evokes dark grey instantly in the mind, so dark grey gets a tally. The result is a surprise to me until it is done."

See more of her work here.


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