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Cameron blames Corbyn for not saying ‘Happy Christmas’, Twitter kicks off

Come on, grow up now

Cameron blames Corbyn for not saying ‘Happy Christmas’, Twitter kicks off
17 December 2015

Peace on earth and goodwill to all men. That's Christmas isn't it?

Well, unless you happen to be David Cameron, who managed to use Prime Minister's Questions to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of not being Christmassy enough.

Opening proceedings, the Labour leader began by wishing, “all members of the House and all staff here, and Major Tim Peake - who’s not on the planet at this time - a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year."

Cameron then replied to the question - on bed blocking in NHS hospitals - with his own festive comment - of  “Let me join the Right Honorable Gentleman and let me be very clear that I don’t want to wish him the season’s greetings, I want a full happy Christmas for the Right Honorable Gentleman and everyone in the House.”

Clearly bemused, as Corbyn had literally said the words, "Happy Christmas", he then pointed out, after the answer, by saying “Just for the record, I did say Happy Christmas. Maybe the Prime Minister wasn’t listening at the time.”

That would be unlike the Prime Minister wouldn't it? After all, he listened so attentively to all those people campaigning against the Syria airstrikes didn't he?

In reality, he almost certainly was listening, and deliberately misheard, in order to try and generate some easy anti-Corbyn content for the rabid national press, who will, no doubt, accuse Corbyn of hating Christmas, like they've accused him of everything else.

Naturally, the exchange sparked off a host of tweets from political journalists:

Anyway, we've got proof that Corbyn does love Christmas, as this old clip from The Daily Politics has recently surfaced, showing Jez as Father Christmas, giving out mince pies to then-Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik and Conservative Alan Duncan. Superb.