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New public poll suggests we think Brexit was a mistake

Bit late now eh?

New public poll suggests we think Brexit was a mistake
Tom Victor
28 April 2017

Bear with us here, because we’re going to say something controversial.

Maybe, just maybe, making one of the most important decisions in a country’s history shouldn’t have come down to a winner-takes-all vote.

Seems pretty extreme, but bear with us.

Whatever your opinions on the Brexit vote, it might have been a little ill-advised to ensure a simple majority (rather than, say, 60% or two thirds) would have been enough to see it pass.

And it’s looking even more misguided considering now – less than a year after the referendum in question – more people think it was the wrong call than the right one.

A YouGov/Times poll has found that just 43% of those surveyed think the decision to leave the EU was the right one, with the benefit of hindsight.

This compares to 45% who think it was the wrong move, The Independentreports, with the remaining 12% ticking the ‘don’t know’ box.

Opposition to Brexit has never been higher, and the results come as Prime Minister Theresa May accuses the other EU member states of “ganging up” on the UK. Y’know, like some kind of European union.

You’re probably wondering what we can do about this, and you’re probably hoping for an answer more reassuring than “listen to Theresa May say ‘strong and stable government’ over and over until you die”.

Not sure why you’ve turned to us for answers, though. Time machine, maybe?

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