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Breakdancing ant pops out hand freeze

The Jason Orange of the insect world

Breakdancing ant pops out hand freeze

It could be argued that ants don't live the happiest of lives. It's all epic marches, dodging human feet and joyless sex with the same woman as every single one of your pals.

Heartwarming, then, to see one plucky formicidae shaking off the shackles of his woeful life and popping out what breakdancers refer to as a hand freeze.

Chances are you won't catch boring old British ants doing anything similar. This little dude is, after all, known as a fire ant and was snapped in the village of Cibinong, Indonesia.

And he's got more skills than a human breakdancer too, holding this pose for a whopping 30 seconds. He should get himself over to Brit-ants Got Talent.

Image: Robertus Agung Sudiatmokos / CATERS and