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Blink-182 are making a new album

Too old? Nahhhh

Blink-182 are making a new album

Good news for fans of either pop punk or groups of men who are slightly too old to be making pop punk but are still playing pop punk regardless: blink-182 are writing a new album.

Talking to Zane Lowe on his Apple Music show, the band said they’d be taking a bit of time off before getting back into the studio to write their new album.

“We have such a positive energy going on right now... a creative flow. Everybody has a bunch of ideas and we want to capture that. We’ll get in the studio as soon as possible,” bassist Mark Hoppus said.

Blink’s last album, California, was released last year and marked their first release since guitarist Tom DeLonge left the band. He’s been replaced by Matt Skiba, formerly of Alkaline Trio.

It’s not like DeLonge has been twiddling his fingers since he left the band though: he’s now a highly respected UFO researcher. Earlier this year, he received the apparently pretty prestigious Researcher of the Year award from the International UFO Congress – and when he accepted the award he said that he has a “lot that he can’t say” about his discoveries but that his “notoriety” has allowed him to do “something ambitious” with his research.

It might sound ridiculous, but emails between DeLonge and John Podesta were part of Wikileaks’ Hillary Clinton email dump and revealed that he’s been in touch with “high-level military intelligence”, so maybe he’s onto something.