Blacksmith debunks 9/11 conspiracy theory in less than two minutes


“If you hold this up as a reason for conspiracy you are an idiot”. Blacksmith Trenton Tye has had enough of people claiming ‘jet fuel can’t melt steel beams’ and has taken to his workshop to debunk the internet’s World Trade Centre conspiracy theory of choice.

“Now, I am not one to make any claims as to what did or did not happen, if it was a conspiracy,” says Trenton in a short video from his Purgatory IronWorks studio. For him, this is just a simple case of debunking some metallurgical arguments.  

So with a little more than a forge, a structural steel bar and his little finger, he puts to bed the argument that jet fuel couldn't cause steel to lose its structural consistency. In less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Of course, the video has already gained some traction online, with a Reddit thread gaining over 5000 comments in little over 12 hours. So now you know.

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