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The definitive 20 Best Moustaches in Music

The definitive 20 Best Moustaches in Music

The definitive 20 Best Moustaches in Music
Danielle de Wolfe
18 January 2013

The moustache is very different to the beard when it comes to the world of music.

Musical beards, without exception, demonstrate gravitas and demand respect. The moustache is a much more delicate beast - get it wrong, and you can be exposed to ridicule. Get it right could be Lionel Richie. And isn't that what everyone wants, deep inside?

Check out our gallery of the top 20 mighty moustaches in music through the ages.

Images: Rex

Lionel Richie

Where else to start but one of the all-time heroes of moustachery. We all remember the video for Hello, but that was released back in 1984, and he has continued to fly the face-fur flag almost continually since. There must be an element of "Samson's Hair" about it - a Richie without a 'tache is almost unthinkable. A magnificent specimen.

Andre 3000

Andre 3000 is so cool that he managed to do one of those career-ending Gillette adverts, and he's still cool. And that it surely down to the power of his excellent, excellent moustache. Worn with flamboyance, a hat above it and an almost permanent smile beneath it, it's a true gentleman's 'tache.

Bill Kelliher

It's time for some rock, and flying the flag for the new generation is Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher. He is clearly serious about his art, sporting a full-on Fu Manchu, falling beautifully down to his jawline. Accessorise with a rock pose, all-black outfit and star-shaped guitar for the full "metal god" ensemble.

The Beatles

We tried to choose between the fab four, but seriously: just take a look at this photo. They're all winners aren't they? Splendid, well-kept and lustrous: all you need is love, and a fantastic 'tache.

Gaspard Augé

Just look at this beauty from Justice's Gaspard Augé. Not many people could pull that off, but if you're French and in an extremely cool band, then pas de problème. A thick, Gallic, horseshoe effort, this is truly magnifique.

David Crosby

A member of the old guard, David Crosby has been rocking the 'tache for as long as we can remember. He's keeping the standard up in his later years, making the move into white with aplomb, looking like a beardless Santa. For a lifetime of tireless dedication to face-fur: David - we salute you.

Eugene Hütz

Eugene is the lead singer of Madonna-approved Gypsy-punks Gogol Bordello and also the owner of a magnificent moustache. Despite hailing from the Ukraine, this effort seems almost British in style and delivery; with big overtones of a Victorian gentleman. Perhaps he should consider the addition of a monacle, just to complete the effect. But then what do we know? He's clearly a man who understands what he wants out of life: and thank goodness that includes a mega mo'.

Derek Smalls

Derek Smalls: double-necked-bass-playing extraordinaire, composer of jazz odysseys and defender of Stonehenge, we salute you and your incredible moustache. Just look at that thick, beautiful beast. And look at his 'tache too (aha).

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Frank Beard

Yes, Frank is, famously, the only member of ZZ Top without an actual beard, but many overlook his excellent face-fur, due to the overbearing presence of Billy and Dusty. Worthy of recognition in its own right, it's understated, but still very much rockin'.

Jesse Hughes

Jesse Hughes is the lead singer of the magnificently-named Eagles of Death Metal and he has the chops to back up the daunting name. A thick and splendiferous display of face furniture, it gets bonus points for being a beautiful shade of copper. Allied with de rigeur tattoos and a happy grin, Jesse looks like a contented man - and why not?

Jimi Hendrix

One of the originals of the craft in popular music, Jimi rocked a pencil mo' during his all-too-brief career. Like everything he did, it was suave, stylish, and not too much. We're sure he's still crafting it up in the big rehearsal room in the sky right now.

Jesse Keeler

Another of the "nu-tache" brigade of modern musicians, Jesse Keeler of Death From Above 1979 and MSTRKRFT wears his loud and proud. Just like Gerard of Justice, this is a mighty effort: a dark, dense slug sitting atop his lip, accompanied by oversized shades and hipster hair.


Even amongst kings, there is still one who walks tallest. And on this mortal earth, that man is Lemmy of Motörhead. Lemmy's style is, well, the "Lemmy". What more needs to be said? Beautiful and epic, rugged and uncompromising. We can only bow down and worship.

Justin Hawkins

We were a bit worried about The Darkness' comeback. Would it live up to the magnificence of their first incarnation, or would it be a damp squib? Our fears were quashed as soon as we saw Justin striding out in Norwich in a catsuit and this astonishing face fuzz. As befitting such an English band, this is a thoroughly English 'tache, frequently curled at the ends. Justin, it is, quite literally, Growing on You.

Paul Rutherford

No, it's not Freddie Mercury, but it could be his long-lost brother. Paul was the singer in 80s legends Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and deserves recognition for having a sensational 'tache. Relax, don't do it, when you wanna trim it, do it. That's how it goes isn't it?

Ron Mael

Another 80s classic, Ron Mael's 'tache is altogether more sinister, in keeping with his band Sparks' idiosyncratic style. Thin, and wiry, this is reminiscent of some of Bob Dylan's efforts, but the whole package of horn-rimmed specs, severe hairstyle and snow leopard jacket does it for us, and in goes Ron to the list of legends.

John Oates

Your amazing 'tache gets a thumbs up from us too John. A brilliant beast, almost perfectly rectangular and so's like he's underlined his nose with a permanent marker pen. An Oates so magnificent moustache.

Carlos Santana

Santana's moustache is so brilliant, it actually physically hurts. Just look at the anguish he's in - he's just remembered what a great portion of face furniture he's sporting. An absolute hero to the cause of moustaches.

Nick Cave

You simply don't mess with a man with a mo' as good as that. Consisting of an almost perfect right angle of fur, set at a 45 degree angle to his nose, this is mathematical, precise and devastatingly effective. A serious 'tache for a serious man.

Freddie Mercury

Oh you thought we'd forgotten didn't you? But we will never forget. Stand up, the greatest, the best, the most ridiculous, and yet the most appropriate moustache in musical history. Arise Sir Freddie of Moustacheshire. And if that wasn't enough, just look at this photo. Incredible.