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What your favourite album of 2017 says about you as a person

Apologies in advance

What your favourite album of 2017 says about you as a person
Tom Victor
30 November 2017

It has, I think we can all agree, been a mixed year for albums.

2016 was great, prompting countless articles suggesting the format was enjoying a second wave, and then 2017 happened.

That’s not to say there haven’t been stand-out releases this year, though, and we’re sure you’ve all got your favourites.

What you might not know, however, is that your favourite album of 2017 gives us a firm idea of what you are like as a person.

  1. 1.Kendrick Lamar - 'Damn'

    You refer to your favourite footballer by his first name at all times.

  2. 2.Phoenix - 'Ti Amo'

    You own what you describe as a ‘summer scarf’.

  3. 3.Taylor Swift - 'Reputation'

    You have been to T4 On the Beach twice.

  4. 4.Stormzy - 'Gang Signs & Prayer'

    You use ‘banter’ as a verb.

  5. 5.LCD Soundsystem - 'American Dream'

    You own a t-shirt with the word ‘Kreuzberg’ on it.

  6. 6.Julien Baker - 'Turn Out the Lights'

    You cried at Toy Story 3.

  7. 7.Los Campesinos – 'Sick Scenes'

    You wish you were 10 years younger than you are now.

  8. 8.The Menzingers – 'After the Party'

    As above, but you’re American.

  9. 9.Japandroids – 'Near to the Wild Heart of Life'

    As above, but you’re Canadian.

  10. 10.Craig Finn – 'We All Want the Same Things'

    As above, but you think you’re American despite being from Milton Keynes.

  11. 11.Sampha - 'Process'

    You don’t go to Glastonbury anymore because you’ve found this much cooler festival in Europe.

  12. 12.Lorde – 'Melodrama'

    This was a good album, you’re safe here.

  13. 13.The xx – 'I See You'

    You have recommended the film Primer to two different people.

  14. 14.Foster the People - 'Sacred Hearts Club'

    You’ve started a sentence with “I don’t normally buy into conspiracy theories, but…”

  15. 15.Hurts - 'Desire'

    Your favourite genre of book is ‘coffee table’.

  16. 16.Arcade Fire – 'Everything Now'

    You really, really, really like ABBA.

  17. 17.Paramore – 'After Laughter'

    You have been to club nights at Koko in two different decades.

  18. 18.Drake – 'More Life'

    Your Twitter handle starts with the word ‘clinical’.

  19. 19.St Vincent – 'Masseducation'

    You have written an article dragging men for their choice of favourite book.

  20. 20.Bleachers - 'Gone Now'

    You sing ‘Here Comes Your Man’ at karaoke because of that (500) Days of Summer scene.

  21. 21.Lana Del Rey - 'Lust for Life'

    You can’t drink scotch anymore because you got hammered on it aged 14.

  22. 22.The Killers - 'Wonderful Wonderful'

    You have unironically called Camden market “the best place in the world”.

  23. 23.Wiley – 'Godfather'

    You tell people you’re from London before you tell them your name.

  24. 24.The National - 'Sleep Well Beast'

    You own a bottle of expensive wine that you will never drink.

  25. 25.Haim – 'Something to Tell You'

    You prefer The Ataris’ version of ‘The Boys of Summer’ to the original.

  26. 26.J Hus - 'Common Sense'

    You have used a page from Infinite Jest as a filter.

  27. 27.Liam Gallagher - 'As You Were'

    You tried to vote for Tony Blair at the 2017 General Election.

  28. 28.Harry Styles - 'Harry Styles'

    Your favourite food is sherbet.

  29. 29.Gorillaz - 'Humanz'

    Your favourite food is MDMA.

  30. 30.Father John Misty - 'Pure Comedy'

    You were shocked at the Harvey Weinstein news, but didn’t say so publicly until you had deleted some old tweets.

  31. 31.Vince Staples - 'Big Fish Theory'

    Your favourite films are by fashion designers.

  32. 32.Phoebe Bridgers - 'Stranger in the Alps'

    You order Japanese whisky at nightclubs.

  33. 33.The War on Drugs – 'A Deeper Understanding'

    You have brought a guitar to multiple house parties.

  34. 34.Diet Cig – 'Swear I’m Good at This'

    You own 3 (three) turtlenecks.

  35. 35.Jay Z – '4:44'

    Your favourite character in Master of None was The City of New York.

  36. 36.Morrissey – 'Low in High School'

    You have only listened to one album this year, Morrissey’s Low in High School.

  37. 37.Ed Sheeran - '÷'

    The first gig you went to was in a branch of HMV.

  38. 38.Run the Jewels – 'Run the Jewels 3'

    In the last five years you’ve stopped sharing Sam Harris articles and started sharing Owen Jones articles.

  39. 39.Kasabian – 'For Crying Out Loud'

    You did coke at a League 1 football match last week.

  40. 40.Black Kids - 'Rookie'

    You have used the phrase ‘so random’ as a positive.

  41. 41.Various Artists – 'Now 97'

    You still reply ‘shat on pitch’ whenever Gary Lineker tweets.

  42. 42.Sam Smith – 'The Thrill of it All'

    You have paid to move to better seats at an X-Factor live show.

  43. 43.Harry Harris – 'Andre the Giant EP'

    You are Harry Harris, who released the Andre the Giant EP in 2017. Also you don’t know what an album is.

(All images via the artists in question)