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Aussie woman finds massive snake in her Christmas tree, because Australia

Aussie woman finds suitably Australian thing in her Xmas tree (spoiler alert: it's a massive snake)

Aussie woman finds massive snake in her Christmas tree, because Australia

The thing with stereotypes is that, quite often, therein lies a grain of truth. 

Because some French citizens probably are partial to a garlic-laden baguette. Look hard enough and you’ll find a few Asian kids that are right good at maths. And, ok, not every Leave voter wants to swiftly deport any UK-dweller without a plummy RP accent, but if you were to quiz all 17.4 million of them…

Anyway, this is all an elaborate way to say that, yes, just like you’d always presumed, Australia is systematically filled with creatures poised and ready to sting, bite and/or spit deadly venom at your face until your heart stops beating.

On Saturday, a woman from Melbourne called Cheryl found Christmas had come early (it figures, it’s GMT +11 there), except it wasn’t a gift from Saint Nick waiting in her tree, but a bloody great tiger snake.

Somehow, despite the tiger snake measuring at a full metre in length – not to mention possessing enough poison to murder her with ease – apparently Chezza was a consummate Aussie about it all, reacting “quite well” to the slithering beast.

“She didn't panic, she just took a photo and sent it to the snake catcher, me, and 20 minutes later I had the little bugger in a bag,” wrote Barry Goldsmith on Facebook.

Speaking to the BBC afterwards, action-man Goldsmith claimed to have previously retrieved snakes from, “Ugg boots, washing machines, dog kennels, cat boxes, toilets, kitchen cupboards and bookcases.”

It’s a truly chilling list for anyone that happens to own feet, clothes, pets, lavatories, kitchens or a fondness of reading.

Stay batshit crazy, Australia.

(Pic: iStock)

Pic: Snake Catcher Victoria Australia/Facebook