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Andrew Garfield interview, part deux

More extracts from our exclusive chat

Andrew Garfield interview, part deux

Yesterday we brought you some snippets from our interview with Andrew Garfield, star of The Social Network and soon-to-be Spider-Man. Here are some more extracts in which he reveals a love for Robert Pattinson, coasters and a deep suspicion of Facebook.

Obvious question: how many Facebook friends have you got?

“I’m not on Facebook.”

You’re not?

“No, I stopped. I was massively on Facebook, I just decided it wasn’t healthy. Every day I’m trying not to succumb to that icon on my laptop, but so far so good.”

How many months clean are you?

“I think about two months clean. No, three or four months clean. I’m setting up support groups across LA. That’s the kind of thing LA would have.”

Did you stalk ex girlfriends’ holiday snaps?

“It’s inevitable, it’s impossible to avoid. Access to information is a dangerous, dangerous thing. It’s difficult to not look at something that may or may not be healthy for you. I didn’t get dark on it, I didn’t get stalkery, but I‘d be out of the country and I’d be looking at photos of last night’s party and getting upset that I wasn’t there. Just silly things.”

There’s a great example in the film of how crazy people get when Savarin’s girlfriend goes mental at him because of his relationship status.

“Have you seen the South Park episode about Facebook? It’s the perfect social commentary. It’s insane. Zuckerberg’s a magician. Are you on there?”


“Why do you love it?”

Because I’m really bad at keeping in touch.

“It’s everyone’s front cover of their own Rolling Stone.”

With a photo taken from a 45-degree angle. It’s the first date thing, putting your best bits forward.

“Yeah, but these sites like – people get married, find their true love. There’s a positive side.”

They help with efficient dating. You can exchange a few emails first to make sure they’re not a racist.

“And there’s a tell-tale sign with the angle of the photo taking.”

Yeah, they’re fat.

“No! I didn’t say that. Your words!”

Did you use a real name or a fake name?

“I had a real name then a fake name. But you can’t actually delete your account.”

Yeah, and apparently every picture becomes the property of Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin fell out over the trifling matter of hundreds of millions of dollars. What’s the most petty falling out or argument you’ve had?

“Falling out or argument? I never really fall out with anyone.”

Well, in that case it’ll be the argument then.

“When you’re in a relationship you have ridiculously petty arguments. I think I got mad at my girlfriend for not using a coaster two nights ago. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in retrospect. I’m awful. When you realise those are the things you’re made up of sometimes, that’s awful. I’m going to self-flagellate as soon as I get out of here. I’m going to get my cat-o-nine-tails out of my trunk and tear up some flesh. Lateness. I get upset about that, too. There’s a scene in The Social Network when JT turns up late. I didn’t have to act nothing. I was really pissed off.”

You’re half-English, half-American – do American accents come easily to you?

“I work hard at it like any accent. No one place in America is the same as another place. It’s the same with ‘us’.”

Do you struggle with any accents?

“I haven’t been in a position where I’ve had to do a Scottish or Irish accent and that is scary to me. But it’s like training a muscle, so it doesn’t worry me. I’d just need a year to make sure I could do it convincingly and properly. Maybe live there a little while.”

Or you need to be Michael Caine. [adopts Michael Caine voice] Hello Bonny Lad.

“Or be Sean Connery and just not bother. He doesn’t need it.”

Your accent is mainly English, but do you see yourself as British or American?

“What do you mean ‘mainly’?”

Well, there’s the odd dropping of ‘T’s, but Brits all do that when over here.


Yeah. You say things like ‘twenny’.

“Oh yeah, but my dad’s American, so that may be my actual accent. My friends call me up on that sometimes.”

Okay, so which is it?

“Neither, I love both places, but I don’t identify with either.”

Really? I’ve prepared a little test…

“Oh dear.”

Rubbish or garbage?


Tomarto or tomayto?


Cadbury’s or Hershey’s?

“Cadbury’s. Are you kidding me? Hershey’s is the worst!”

It tastes of vomit, doesn’t it?

“It’s dreadful. I have no idea who eats it.”

Hershey’s kisses are like being kissed by a tramp.

“Haha! Like being kissed by Mr Hershey. [Does creepy old American man voice] ‘Would ya like a kiss?’”

Nice cup of tea or skinny mochafrappacappulatte?

“Erm, beer!”


“Yeah, lager.”

Okay, you’re ours. You’re the new Spider-Man. No pressure. Are you prepared to go up against Robert Pattison in the teen heartthrob stakes?

“I don’t see it that way. I know why you ask that question. Rob’s a friend of mine and I care about him a lot. We’re very supportive of each other.”

I cut my holiday short and flew here from Vancouver for this interview. Before that I did two months of emailing and phoning to find a hole in your ridiculously busy schedule. How far would you go for a role? Shaved head? Starvation?

“I’d do anything.”

[simultaneously] “Sex change?” “Sex change!”

“Or get a horrible disease. No, that would be awful.”

But the sex change is okay?

“As long as they froze the member. It needs to be reversible.”