Killer robots, crop tops, YouTubers and a world ablaze: everything you should read today

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Jordan Waller

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Why are so many YouTubers making ‘heartbreak’ videos?

Over 37 million people watched a YouTube power couple announce their split. Who’s watching these videos, and why do vloggers feel the need to make them?

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Apocalypse Watch: Worrying new NASA images show a world on fire

New images from NASA’s WorldView application show the true extent of the global damage caused by the intense heat and wildfires across the planet.

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Russia’s latest terrifying weapon is basically the bad robot from ‘Robocop’

Someone’s actually gone and made the murderous ED-209 robot from Robocop. The scariest thing is that that ‘someone’ is Kalashnikov. 

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How to predict the winners of Great British Bake Off using social media

Last year, similar prediction methods resulted in our detective correctly predicting TWO out of THREE of the finalists before a second of footage had even aired. 

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What will actually happen if Trump gets impeached?

The president has endured his worst week in office - but just how bad can it get?

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The genius way Steve Jobs faked the iPhone at its first product launch 

If you thought the first ever iPhone launch went flawlessly, there’s a very good reason…

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News of ASOS’s new male crop, or ‘extreme cropped vest’ as they have termed it, has set the internet ablaze, and opened the flood gates for bigots and the old school, fashion police.

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The hard-nut has become the poster-boy for everything bad about being a man. So how do you navigate playing the alpha male when it’s your actual job?

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Reinventing TV tough guys for 2018

‘Man whisperer’ and Personal Development Consultant Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz on telly hard-men who aren’t all ego

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A curious deep dive into the Instagram of Dr Alex off of ‘Love Island’ 

Has Britain’s most sexless ‘Love Island’ lothario been trolling us the entire time? We get sucked into the bizarre Instagram wormhole of Dr Alex.

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Introducing Jay Ajayi: the greatest British superstar you’ve never heard of

ShortList gets cosy with Jay Ajayi, an unstoppable, incomparable British sports titan

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The best films and TV shows coming to Netflix UK in September

Here’s what you’ll be watching on the streaming service next month.

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This is how much less money you’re earning than you were 10 years ago

A new report from the Resolution Foundation finds wages still haven’t recovered from the financial crash.

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The absolute no-nonsense top 10 greatest UK motorways

A complete guide to the greatest stretches of tarmac to run through our green and pleasant land.

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