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A hippo went on the run in Spain yesterday


A hippo went on the run in Spain yesterday

Why did the hippo cross the road?

We have no idea, but we wouldn't hang around to find out. Those things can be vicious.

A hippo managed to escape from a circus - presumably to seek its fortune - in Palos de la Frontera, near Huevla in the south-west of Spain last night, briefly going on the run (well, more of a waddle) before being rounded up and returned to the circus.

It still managed to walk across a main road and have a tasty snack of some grass from the central verge before its escape attempt was foiled.


While they may look slow and unthreatening, they can in fact move at speeds of up to 19 mph over short distances - they're known as one of the most unpredictable and aggressive animals in their native Africa.

And they can also do this with a watermelon.

Impressive stuff, hippo, impressive stuff.