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A Guide To The Life Of Einstein

A Guide To The Life Of Einstein

A Guide To The Life Of Einstein

If, at the age of eight, your teacher told you your life wouldn't amount to anything special, you'd be forgiven for setting yourself low standards. If you graduated bottom of your college class, it would be understandable if you went on to an unremarkable career behind a desk.

If you rose above such formative damage and, at 26, discovered that light was both a particle and a wave form, you'd be rightly remembered as owning one of the greatest minds of all time. 

These are just a few early highlights from the remarkable life of Albert Einstein, founder of relativity and touchstone of cinema's well-worn trope of quirky academic. Created by design Anna Vital for Funders and Founders, this infographic details the major life moments of one of the most famous scientists to have ever lived (without getting bogged down in the heavy physics stuff). 

It's reassuring stuff - he dropped out of his chosen career at 29 and still won a Nobel prize. There's hope yet...

(Image: Anna Vital)

[Via: Funders and Founders; Design Taxi]


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