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9 times Jeremy Hunt malfunctioned as a human

With more junior doctor strikes, it would seem Hunt just doesn't learn his lessons

9 times Jeremy Hunt malfunctioned as a human
01 September 2016

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's been at it again, using his naturally weird, skin-crawling ways to convince us that he's either a terrible human being - or not a human at all.

Don't believe us? Here are nine times he spectacularly malfunctioned.

Staring all lizard-like while Eamonn Holmes tears him a new one

On Sky News this morning, Holmes slammed Hunt over yet another junior doctors strike. Hunt, who mostly stared back in that blinky, inhuman way he does, attempted to praise the doctors for their work. "Then why don't you pay them?" fired back Holmes. Sounds fair enough.

Smirking so much it made Dennis Skinner have a meltdown

Otherwise known as the "greatest bollocking in the history of British politics".

Proposing junior doctors work weekends for less money

The Health Secretary initially proposed plans in July 2015 and claimed the "Monday to Friday" working culture was causing up to 6,000 to die each year.

But then revealed he doesn't see constituents at weekends

Book an appointment to see Mr Hunt on Friday or not at all.

When he tweeted confidential patient information

During a hospital visit to defend his seven-day working plans he tweeted a pic that contained patient info on a board in the background. Even some hasty photo editing couldn't erase the memory of this incredible cock-up. And he didn't even have the decency to go in on a Saturday.

Then tweeted to celebrate NHS nurses (while slashing their pay)

Hunt came out in support on International Nurses Day, overlooking the fact some nurses had seen a 15% pay cut since 2010 AND he'd also revealed plans to stop student nurse bursaries. How forgetful. 

That time he couldn't even ring a bell without whacking some poor woman with it

Good god man, does your cack-handed evildoing know no bounds? What a bell end.

Supporting a reduction of the abortion time limit to 12 weeks

Speaking ahead of the 2012 Tory party conference, he said it was his personal view that the legal time should be reduced from 24 to 12 weeks. Cure an absolute drubbing from members of all parties, including his own.

When someone followed him around with a sousaphone

Because sometimes it's the only way to get a politician to listen.